The COVID Thought Experiment – Simple pleasures

This is a post in response to the Saving Ninja’s latest thought experiment (1). Indeedably lays it out (2):

Unprecedented events create new experiences. What fun, misadventure, or positive discoveries have you encountered while locked down?

Life in the FS household hasn’t actually changed that much with lockdown. Both MrsFireShrink and I are key workers, we’re still full time (me slightly more) in work, we commute, we have our weekly veg deliveries and top up shops. The big hole has been in socialising. Not going to the pub or out for dinner. No weekends away with friends. No casual pints/ coffees after work.


We have changed our behaviour patterns. When I clocked the first viral reports and read the data we started to prepare, advised family to put things aside, ready themselves. We anticipated the wave, along with many in the medical line. Still, it was hard to imagine.

Come March, the spread to Italy and Europe, the world clocked onto what this could be. Media hysteria reached unprecedented levels. Social channels fuelled disinformation and speculation. A world that was used to it’s pattern and routine suddenly changed.

We had that speech (3):

“Johnson: many more people will lose loved ones to coronavirus”

There was an air of apocalypse, the four horses were riding, plague stalked the land and soon the last few survivors would be wandering a wasteland, trading loo-rolls for daughters. How would life go on?

Doctors Didn't Actually Wear Beaked Masks During the Black Plague ...

Image credit: Wikipedia

Life has always gone on.

The analogies between humans and cockroaches are not just because of our spread. We’re adaptable. We survive and endure.

Countless wars, famines, natural disasters and, yes, plagues, have come and gone. We have short memories and biases.

The world is not going to end. We will all still love, eat, shit and sleep. It’s just different.


We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easily we’ve shifted gear. MrsShrink and I share many interests, and have always been able to spend days in each others company; reading, playing games, or watching shit TV.

Some things have gone and probably won’t return. My council gym membership. Many work face-to-face meetings.

Some of the things we used to do have altered. Zoom yoga and classes.

Some new things have been added. Video-call D&D with friends.

Most of all there’s time to do things I enjoyed but rarely had enough time for. Gardening (4). Working on my cars. DIY. Finishing those books. Writing on here.

Simpler joys.

The world got a bit slower and that’s no bad thing.

The Shrink

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8 thoughts on “The COVID Thought Experiment – Simple pleasures

  1. I found that friends that i normally see every 6 months or so, I’ve “seen” twice virtually in a month- almost like because its much easier than driving etc, we have done it more (helps they mostly work in tech too). Maybe some of these things will stay in the “new” world after this is all over, who knows.

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  2. Good to read that you and your missus are keeping well.

    I can’t even begin to think what it’s like to be a key worker in these times. None of my friends or family fall in this category, we’re all either pen pushers or bean counters so can sit comfortably at home on our laptops while others bravely go out and about to do their jobs.

    But agree with you, here’s to simpler joys in life. I do miss my social life but hope that I will get to enjoy how the pace of life slowing is not a bad thing.

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  3. How did I miss this! I’ve added you now 🙂

    It’s really interesting to see a take on this from someone in the medical field. Enjoy catching up on all life’s little pleasures, it will be back to business as usual before we know it. I wonder what things will stick when this is all over?

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