The Full English Accompaniment – UK Finance Blog Feed

It’s been a year since I updated my blogroll. I’ve commented in the last few weeks that the number of UK FIRE/ Finance blogs has been ballooning. When I started I was aware of a couple of dozen. The most recent count had made it well over a hundred. I’ve struggled to keep up reading, and along with my own hyperlinks/ lists have relied heavily on /u/reckless-saving’s weekly update on /r/FIREUK.

I’m conscious not all readers are Reddit-savvy. I also wanted to include a couple of big name american blogs, some /u/reckless-saving had missed, and integrate it into my spreadsheet for blog graveyards. I’m building a dataset to analyse a survival curve for FIRE blogs. Nerd that I am.

So here’s The UK FIRE Blog Feed (with added extras):

I’ll be adding this to a dedicated page on the site, so you can check in any time to see if there’s new updates.

I’m also conscious that not all blogs have an RSS feed. I’ll keep checking those that don’t and adding to the Full English Accompaniment.


And as a little kicker for your weekend, remember my post a couple of months back about Premium Bonds returns now looking reasonable. They’ve become even more tempting as NS&I have cancelled their rate cut (1).

Keep handwashing, stay home and take care!

The Shrink


Life goes on:

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Mostly in the section above this week, with a few exceptions…









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