About Me

As I start this blog here’s a little summary.

  • Investing novice – everything on this site is my opinion and not advice or guidance
  • 30ish
  • I am aiming for FI, MrsFIREShrink is just a frugal person
  • Dual-income no kids household (though this may change over the next few years)
  • Both professionals, myself in the NHS, MrsFIREShrink as an engineer
  • Many hobbies; very important for happiness and general emotional balance. The world would be far happier if everyone had a hobby!
  • Homeowners with an anxiety-inducing mortgage, multiple cars, solidly typically middle class



For me, the goal is predominantly the FI, and not the RE. I worked hard at school and university to reach a professional position where I find fulfillment and happiness from work most days. I made my own luck. I aim to be in a position where I don’t have to work, but choose to, and my net worth maintains itself without my wage.


My long form Investment Strategy is under development and can be found here:

Part 1 – Investment Philosophy

The goal:

Financial independence for myself and MrsFireShrink.

But beyond that, the aim is to save a sufficient amount to create a self-sustaining portfolio. The dream goal being to create a portfolio sufficient to support my family in the future and continue to grow.

Pretty lofty target for a novice.