About Me

As I start this blog here’s a little summary.

  • Complete investing novice
  • Rapidly approaching 30, squarely in the millennials
  • I am aiming for FI, MrsFIREShrink is just a frugal person
  • Dual-income no kids household (though this may change over the next few years). I read many FIRE blogs where the authors have/ advocate no children (Mr Money Mustache, theFrugalCottage being notable exceptions)
  • Both professionals, myself in the NHS, MrsFIREShrink as an engineer
  • Many hobbies; very important for happiness and general emotional balance. The world would be far happier if everyone had a hobby!
  • Homeowners with an anxiety-inducing mortgage, multiple cars, solidly middle class



If you’re here, you probably know that FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. For me, the goal is predominantly the FI, and not the RE. I worked hard at school and university to reach a professional position where I find fulfillment and happiness from work most days. I made my own luck. I am aware that for many FIRE is a route out of the day-to-day grind. For me the RE is optional.

The goal:

Financial independence for myself and MrsFireShrink.

But beyond that, the aim is to save a sufficient amount to create a self-sustaining portfolio. The dream goal being to create a portfolio sufficient to support my family in the future and continue to grow.

Pretty lofty target for a novice.