Quarterly Returns – Q1 2022

Quarterly return posts supplement my monthly Financial Dashboard, covering investments in detail and looking at my yearly targets. Here I track purchases and sales, document progress against my (in progress) investment strategy, and discuss re-balancing and changes over time.

Permanently chasing my tail on these, but it’s partly because I don’t have much interesting to share at the moment…

Q1 Returns:

  • Cash Accounts £17,600 (+£1,850)
  • Investments £12,700 (-£580)
  • Property £56,150 (+£1,100)
  • Cars £2000 (no changes)

My net worth has essentially tracked sideways, as money squirreled away in cash savings accounts gets offset by losses on the markets. The fact I can maintain my net worth at time when we’re running mortgage, nursery fees and all household bills on just my income is satisfying. I won’t say we’re lucky, hard work and budgeting have equal shares, but it was intentional that we could ‘manage’ in this sort of situation. Q2 will likely continue this vein, as MrsShrink doesn’t go back to work until Q3, and the baby is gradually upping her hours at nursery.


Core/ Satellite Passive/ Active Split

My 2021 Financial Year ISA is in Vanguard, however I again didn’t pay in anything this quarter.  Activity in my Freetrade account was just topping up an existing holding in Unilever. (fancy a free share? Sign up to Freetrade using this link, and we both get one). I’ve got round to adding my crowdfunding account to my investment portfolio spreadsheet. This, combined with some good returns on my active stock selections and a fall on the trackers, means I’m now overweight on my active UK satellite portfolio. Any spare cash I do have hanging around once I’ve topped off emergency funds is therefore likely to go into dull ole trackers.

Ratio of satellite active holdings to core passive trackers
Asset allocation ratios


In terms of goals for 2022:

  • Save 35% of my income – 40% prediction

I will be amazed if I achieve this to be honest. Q1 saw a savings rate of 25%, all in cash. Given what my financial year is looking at I’m going to aim to keep it at that, and hope that a big return to saving can be achieved towards the end of the year.

  • Save £8k towards a new car – 40% prediction

This steadily ticks upward, with my cash accounts at their healthiest level ever. Should be ready to pull the trigger soon.

  • Finish the house renovations – 75% prediction

Some good progress made here, doing the sort of jobs that add little value but make a big difference to the state of the property. I painted a load of the stone and woodwork on the outside of the house, so it’s got a bit of kerb appeal, and we’ve started on re-rendering some other sections, along with painting the last few rooms. A friend recently commented that she would be willing to buy the house from us when we move, which would save a lot of hassle and fees, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Happy, wait is this supposed to be summer?

The Shrink

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