The FIRE Cemetery (July 2020 Edition)

Here lies a list of blogs now deceased, moved on to fairer lands…

On life support (>6 months since last post)

  • Early Retirement Guy – First post 2014, most recent was the 18th of January 2020, with an annual net worth update from Guy after an eventful year
  • Big Blue Money – Formerly Big Blue Money, now renamed to Coffee Money, posting intermittently
  • Finance Your Fire – Marc participated in lots of the FIRE blogging scenes Thought Experiments etc, but last posted in August 2019
  • Mess and Marigolds – Last posted on October the 15th 2019, their blog (mainly about cleaning with a bit of saving) started in September 2016.
  • Ready Steady Retire – Posted for about two months, from November 7th 2019 to December 21st 2019.
  • Little Miss Fire – We’ve been here before, and sad to see. LMF changed sites last year, and the new one appears to have been left while their spirits company takes the focus. First post sometime in 2018 I think? Last post 17th December 2019.
  • FIDdom – Bec started posting way back in November 2017, with her last post on the 17th of November 2019.
  • Bangkok 2 Blighty – Another big name, they started posting in April 2018, last post in October 2019.
  • Fretful Finance – Blogged from December 2nd 2018, with the most recent update on January 25th 2020.
  • 3652 Days – Fairly infrequently updated, but going since December 2015, so I suspect their post from January the 19th 2020 won’t be their last.


In the morgue (dormant for >1 year)

  • Fire in London – First post in Nov 2016, last in December 2018
  • Deliberate Living UK – First post 2017, last from Wephway was in January 2019
  • Sex Health Money Death – Jim first posted in August 2015, and the last post was August 2018. At that point he was close to retiring, so he may well have blogged his last.
  • Under The Money Tree – One of the original few, now dormant since December 2017
  • UK Girl on Fire – First post April 14th 2019, last on July 31st 2019. A fair amount of indeedably inspired work on their site.
  • Fire the 9 to 5 – A fairly big poster, last wrote on July 22nd 2019, first post February 28th 2018. They had retired early, so hopefully they’re off doing better things.
  • Formerly Skint – Weekly money diaries started in January 2018 and dried up in January 2019
  • Make Save Invest Money – Leon was posting from December 2017 to January 2019, and then appears to run out of steam
  • The Finance Zombie – Last post in February 2019, infrequent prior but had been going since the 25th of September 2014.


Dead and buried

  • Young FI Guy – One of my favourites, a titan, gone but not forgotten
  • Mr Squirrel – Another titan, sorely missed
  • The Fire Engine – About a month of posting
  • Middle Class Hustlers – Lasted about two months
  • Some Things Don’t Change – Been gone some time sadly
  • Financially Free by 40 – the latest addition, Huw’s last post was in mid-2018. The domain is now up for grabs.
  • Grizgal on Fire – Last posted on the 8th of October 2019, their website is now dead.
  • Pursue Fire – Dan started in July 2018, last post in January 2020 winding up the blog.
  • Liberate Life – Last posted on 11th September 2019, before deleting their website
  • Chuffed 2 bits – Last posted in November 2019, the disappeared from this plane of existence
  • Next Chapter FI – My records show they last posted on the 2nd of January 2020, before puffing into void.
  • MsZiYou – Feminist FIRE fan, who at one point was podcasting as well as blogging. Close to FIRE and changes in life circumstances led her to close her blog.


The Lazarus circuit

These are bloggers who have returned from the edge, touched the void, etc:

  • Sparklebee – After a six month hiatus returned to posting with the news they quit their job and were truly on countdown to FIRE!
  • Rockstar Finance – Is now back under new management, but with a very barren site.


If you can think of any more please leave a comment below, and I’ll periodically return to update.

I am indebted to /u/reckless-saving over on /r/FIREUK, who makes this post so much easier.

7 thoughts on “The FIRE Cemetery (July 2020 Edition)

  1. Hi Fireshrink – was a US blog that really inspired me when I first got the FIRE bug. But what I loved most about it was the enigmatic final post (spoiler alert)…

    I logged on one day for my regular BraveNewLife fix and the post title was, “Honey, I bought a farm” – which was this guy’s ultimate fire objective… and then SILENCE.

    At first I was infuriated that he never posted again, and disappointed to lose something I enjoyed reading regularly, then over the next few weeks it dawned on me that this was the ultimate FIRE sign-off; you make it to your dream then ‘poof’ you vanish – and I kinda love that. It reminds me of one of those old sci-fi movies, like Planet of the Apes etc, where the set up is that everyone is trying to escape, but when someone does, those who remain have no way of knowing what happened to them, and they never see their friends again…did they make it? are they now happy and free?… I love the twisted melancholy of that.

    Thought the same was going to happen with RetirementInvestingToday a while back… but he returned (if infrequently).

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  2. Thanks for keeping this ‘graveyard’ list, TFS – sad to see of course but I hope they’ve gone on to better things.

    Jim of Sex Health Money Death went back to work and I think it was fear of losing his anonymity which stopped him from updating his blog. He still comments on blogs (including mine occasionally) and I see him active on the Freetrade forum, so is still about in the community.

    Am really surprised that the Financially Free by 40 domain is up for grabs, thought Huw would have kept that up but guess he’s too busy with other projects.

    I thought lockdown would have been a great opportunity for these dormant bloggers to get the creative juices going again but I guess not everyone thinks the same way as me!


    1. No problem, now I have an RSS feed it’s easier to keep on track of who’s about. Like you I hope people have achieved their goals, or have happy reasons to stop. This is all feeding into some statistics on the median/ mean life expectancy of FIRE blogs, which I’ll publish at some point.

      I suspect some of the dormant blogs will start back up at some point, but you’re right in that some really big names have disappeared.

      I’ve definitely found it easier to write over lockdown. A good opportunity to take stock!

      The Shrink

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  3. I miss Young FI Guy’s updates too. Reminds me of a time when I used to read blogs almost for a living at a job where I could do all my work in a few hours and spend the rest of that time reading. 😛

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