The Financial Dashboard – April 2020

The goals for April were:

  • Review target asset allocations
  • Get the project car back on the road
  • Tidy the garage, sell anything unnecessary
  • Tidy the loft and begin to clear

Checking the assets and liabilities:


These are taken, as always, from my Beast Budget spreadsheet. Long time readers will again notice a change in how I’m expressing my net worth. I’ve removed my pension and student loan numbers from my overall calculation. My numbers are always ‘what would be left if I died’, and the figures above now represent this. My pension is recalculated every tax year as well, and is generally a bit lumpy for calculation uses. My net worth increased a tasty 3.7%, in part due to a 48% savings rate. New investment positions were opened in my FreeTrade account for TRIG and UKW.


Goal achieved: Review target asset allocations

Completed, updated post scheduled. Led to me rewriting my investment tracker spreadsheet… again.

Goal achieved: Get the project car back on the road

This was a nice little success too. Had some work done at a good new garage I’m trying, got a clean MOT and I’m now using it to get to work. If lockdown continues I’ll be doing more tinkering and improvements to hopefully bring it’s worth up. I’m still commuting but my fuel spend has dramatically dropped.

Goal failed: Tidy the loft and begin to clear

Started to do this, but found I need to buy some loft struts/legs to lift the boards clear of the insulation. These are currently sold out in Screwfix/ B&Q, so I’m held up. Hopefully I can get this completed this month.

Goal achieved: Tidy the garage, sell anything unnecessary

Tidied, but found little to sell. I’m planning to move more to the loft so I can tidy further. There’s a load to go to the local tip as well, but they’re all shut.


  • Groceries – Budget £200, spent £238.77, last month £175.55 – The nice dinners in have replaced the dinners out 
  • Entertainment – Budget £100, spent £55, last month £106.75
  • Transport – Budget £460, spent £429.79, last month £401.48
  • Holiday – £150, spent £0, last month £317.33
  • Personal – £100/ £156.85/ £25 – New threads
  • Loans/ Credit – £0/ £0/ £0
  • Misc – £50/ £3.25/ £15.12
  • Fees – £70 /£522.94/ £267.50 – Bloody GMC/ Royal College!

In the garden:

This is perhaps my favourite month in the garden, I love seeing everything come back to life. I’ve been sowing seeds left, right and centre. Potatoes and raspberrys shooting up. The apple tree is in blossom. Succession sowings of lettuce, radishes, lambs lettuce, pak choi and rocket are accompanied by tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and courgettes in the greenhouse.

Goals for next month:

  • Tidy the loft and begin to clear
  • Read three books
  • Update my investment tracker spreadsheet and sync with allocations
  • Strip out kitchen for renovation
  • Fix minor problems on the modern(ish) car

Happy May everyone, I hope you’re all keeping well,

The Shrink

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