The FIRE Cemetery (January 2020 Edition)

Here lies a list of blogs now deceased, moved on to fairer lands…

On life support (>3 months since last post)

  • The Finance Zombie – Last post in February 2019, infrequent prior
  • Early Retirement Guy – First post 2014, most recent June 2019, and that was a six month update – Guy posted an update the day this went out. He’s had a very eventful year, so I recommend a read.
  • Make Save Invest Money – Leon was posting from December 2017 to January 2019, and then appears to run out of steam
  • Formerly Skint – Weekly money diaries started in January 2018 and dried up in January 2019
  • Frugal Student – Lewys started in August 2016, last post in April 2019
  • Big Blue Money – Last post by Russell was in Jun 2019
  • Disease Called Debt – Seems to have started around 2013, with last post about July 2019. Ad-tastic
  • FIREthe9to5 – Genuinely sad to see this up here, last post in July 2019, by which time they had retired early.
  • UK girl on fire – Posted from April to July of 2019 (with a lot of apparent inspiration from indeedably)
  • Finance Your Fire – Marc participated in lots of the FIRE blogging scenes Thought Experiments etc, but last posted in August 2019
  • Left FI – Blogged from May to August of 2019
  • The English Investor – Last post at the end of August 2019
  • Pursue Fire – Dan started in July 2018, last post September 2019 – Dan also posted an update just after this blogpost came out.


In the morgue (dormant for >1 year)

  • Fire in London – First post in Nov 2016, last in December 2018
  • Deliberate Living UK – First post 2017, last from Wephway was in January 2019
  • Sex Health Money Death – Jim first posted in August 2015, and the last post was August 2018. At that point he was close to retiring, so he may well have blogged his last.
  • Under The Money Tree – One of the original few, now dormant since December 2017


Dead and buried


The Lazarus circuit

These are bloggers who have returned from the edge, touched the void, etc:

  • Sparklebee – After a six month hiatus returned to posting with the news they quit their job and were truly on countdown to FIRE!
  • 3652 Days – Fairly infrequently updated.
  • Rockstar Finance – Is now back under new management.


If you can think of any more please leave a comment below, and I’ll periodically return to update.

I am indebted to /u/reckless-saving over on /r/FIREUK, who makes this post so much easier.

13 thoughts on “The FIRE Cemetery (January 2020 Edition)

  1. mr squirrel and under the money tree! a couple of old time classics that maybe predate your experience?

    some things don’t change was good but largely ignored unfortunately

    my prediction is that indeedably will burn out

    my hope is that TEA will crawl back under the slimey surrey rock from whence he sprang never to be heard from again.

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    1. Strong words there Rhino!

      I used to read Under The Money Tree, but they had fallen off my usual checking list, great shout. Google’s autosuggestion function would suggest I’ve also visited Some Things Don’t Change, though I’ve no memory of it. I’d heard of Mr Squirrel too, but like you say, before my time I think.

      All blogs serve a purpose. I’ll probably burn out too at some point.

      Cheers for your continued readership!


      1. haha – I can think of stronger 😉

        I do wonder whether FFB40’s disappearance maybe Lendy related? He did have a penchant for the quick (and possibly slightly dubious) buck and its come back to bite him. He definitely wasn’t a ‘tin-hat’ investor..

        re-visiting this -> and the post and comments read like a horror show (granted with the benefit of hindsight). But even without any hindsigth, there’s some real alarm bells in there and he clearly doesn’t even understand the tax position.

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  2. It is difficult finding the new FI UK bloggers, I tend mainly come across them when they comment on others blogs.

    Over on the FIREUK reddit I publish a weekly FIREUK blog posts list, you get your regulars and I’ve noticed this week that a few that haven’t posted for a couple of months or so are back.

    I thought I’d followed ‘Firein London’ but turns out I was following ‘Fire v London’. I’ve not hear of Mr Squirrel but today came across a new blogger The Squirreler.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cheers reckless. I keep an eye on your Blog list on the subreddit. I’ve been meaning to update my blogroll to include some you identified. Thanks for all your hard work, it’s a really useful tool!


  3. Oh, Mr Squirrel! Last I read was that he and his other half had moved in together after selling their respective properties…

    @Rhino – FFB40 was raking it in with his Amazon books so I wouldn’t have thought the Lendy thing would have made much of a dent, unless he invested a lot more than he let on? He was busy doing his online course so I wonder how that went. I hope all’s well with him and his missus – having met them several times in person, I thought they were genuinely nice people.


    1. @Weenie – mr squirrel was a bit of a classic and the nature of his disappearance had good comedic value. I hope FFB40 didn’t get too many fingers burned. It is outrageous that you can rake it in by doing that book thing on Amazon 😉 Its all a bit scammy for my liking.. but each to their own to a large degree.

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      1. @Rhino – Agree on the Amazon thing, each to their own but it wasn’t something that sat right with me, hence I didn’t go down that road.

        Another blogger which you may (or may not) recall was the FIbrarian – last I read, he’d sold his car to get a bike, MMM style. Pretty much physically collapsed after cycling to work the first time as he didn’t realise how far it was and how unfit he was! I thought it would have made a good ongoing story for his blog but that died a death quickly.

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