The Financial Dashboard – April 2019

The goals for April were:

  • Sell £100 worth of stuff
  • Set up pots for holiday and personal money
  • Look at other ways to reduce environmental footprint
  • Set up regular stock investment
  • Finish my portfolio spreadsheet

Checking the assets and liabilities:

April AssetsApril Liabilities

These are taken, as always, from my Beast Budget spreadsheet. This month my net worth grew by £1,108, 3.34%. I put the final £200 in my 5% Santander saver, which matures next month. Santander have dropped the interest to 3% now so I’ll probably open a separate account elsewhere. We continued to pay down our family wedding loan. At the end of last month the clutch began to go on my daily driver, so I stumped up for a replacement. This went partly on my credit card, so swallowed up efforts to reduce that debt, but I was able to clear part using money put aside in a car maintenance savings pot.


Goal failed: Sell £100 worth of stuff

Continuing to fight hordes of time-wasters, asking me to part with big ticket items for tuppence. Wearisome.

Goal achieved: Set up pots for holiday and personal money

Quick and easy win this. My accounts now have an organised flow, where my salary comes into my main account, then anything after bills and direct debits gets moved into my Starling. This has spaces set up, which I’ll start to fill with the budgeted holiday and personal money.

Goal achieved: Look at other ways to reduce environmental footprint

I’ve already spoken about moving to a sustainable energy supplier (Bulb) and trying to reduce our plastic usage. We eat local and healthy, though I admit with busier work comes decreased time to actually organise healthy food. We’ve reduced our plastic consumption for toiletries, using shampoo and soap bars, switching back to washing powder in cardboard boxes. Toilet roll was an issue. Most supermarket toilet roll isn’t recycled, the production process is surprisingly damaging and toxic, and then it’s all wrapped in plastic and shipped to us. A great case in point of clever branding is the new company Who gives a crap (1). They make a big thing of eco credentials; all their loo roll is either recycled or from sustainable bamboo, it’s wrapped in paper and 50% of the profits are donated to safe water/ waste charities. My major issue; all this loo roll gets containerised from factories in China invalidating some of the headline eco credentials.

In looking for alternatives I found the shopping guides from the excellent website Ethical Consumer (2). They score and rank companies on their ethical and environmental merits to produce a list of bestbuys. We opted for the UK manufactured Ecoleaf, which is the same price as standard supermarket loo-roll, and half the price of Who Gives a Crap. We’ll be using the website again, as it’s got guides for most household products, which can be purchased on the Ethical Superstore (3).

Goal failed: Finish my portfolio spreadsheet

It’s surprisingly hard to find a platform for a portfolio that has all the functionality I want. I’ve amalgamated/ butchered YFG and Firevlondons’ spreadsheets, but I’m still not happy.  I’m going to give the Rebo app developed by Andy at Liberate Life a go (4, 5). May well end up drafting something new.

Goal achieved: Set up regular stock investment

A set amount a month is now going into my S&S ISA. I’m somewhat limited in my portfolio options at the moment, due to using Vanguard as my platform. I’ll cover what I’m going to do about it in my next Quarterly update.


  • Groceries – Budget £300, spent £184.25, last month £207.01.
  • Entertainment – Budget £150, spent £99.38, last month £76.50.
  • Transport – Budget £460, spent £851.53, last month £329.90. Grim.
  • Holiday – £150, spent £0, last month £0.
  • Personal – £100/ £41.88/ £47.57.
  • Loans/ Credit – £350/ £88.97/ £748.44.
  • Misc – £50/ £121.92/ £81.77. Misc payments this month:
    • £40-odd at Dunelm for bathroom furnishings
    • £30-odd on chicken feed
    • £50 on bathroom fittings

In the garden:

Everything is starting to come up, my favourite time of year in the garden. We have: two types of tomatoes, two types of potatoes, two types of onions, radishes, salad leaves, lettuces, courgettes, spring onion and various beans. The clematis is in flower and the raspberry is shooting up canes. All good things.

Goals for next month:

  • Sell £100 worth of stuff
  • Finish my portfolio spreadsheet
  • Get two extra blog posts out
  • Remortgage
  • Set up new bank accounts

What’s in the pipeline: (Life continues to get in the way of blogging)

  • Our wedding pricetag
  • How I calculate my net worth
  • Stoicism and the finance world
  • Green Credentials
  • Property Renovation Lessons Part III
  • Plus the usual Full English Accompaniments and other drivel…

Happy May everyone,

The Shrink



10 thoughts on “The Financial Dashboard – April 2019

    1. Hi Fire v london, definitely of some use – it has formed the basis of my current version. Realtime lookups was part of it, I prefer Excel to Google Sheets so make it hard for myself. Mostly the bastardisation has been for aesthetic reasons, tweaking the look to my taste. At some point I’ll share it and we can compare notes.
      Cheers for the continued support!


    1. Done that trick a couple of times, and a referral code is always available!
      The classic car post is in the ‘draft pile’, but I’ll bump it up for interest. There’s a few interesting angles; investment, running costs, depreciation etc.
      Thanks for the support!


      1. Many angles indeed. One fundamental question would be: Is making money the primary reason, or is it a potential happy consequence of an interest? Equally valid reasons. Head or heart? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Well done on those goals achieved, particularly setting up the regular investment into your S&S ISA. That was probably the biggest hurdle, just setting it up, now you can just leave and/or adjust to increase when you are ready to do so.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a pretty good month!

    I have a Starling account but haven’t made use of their “multi-account” feature. I just wanted it because they don’t charge any transaction fees when spending abroad. Your comments about it above have prompted me to have another look.

    Seeing as you’re taking requests… I’d be interested to see your “our wedding price-tag” post; we’re starting to think about this in the next year or so, and it’s difficult to know where to start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been using the ‘spaces’ in my Starling account – one of them is for ‘holiday spends’, since (as you have pointed out) Starling charges no fees abroad and it has come in very handy already.

      Liked by 1 person

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