The Financial Dashboard – November 2018

With the long holiday I’ve missed out October, so here’s a chance the catch up.

The goals for October and November:

  • Clear out and sell/ dump items from the storage unit – Success
  • Sell five more items – Success
  • Service the red car – Failure
  • Establish weekly and monthly joint grocery account expenses – Success
  • Finish reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing – Failure

Checking the assets and liabilities:

Nov AssetsNov Liab

These are taken from my Beast Budget spreadsheet. Over the two months my net worth has grown by £4427 (19%). This is down to my quarterly revaluing of our property, which sees my portion go up by £5k, hiding two months of heavy spending. My actual savings rates have bounced either side of 0, despite putting money into my mortgage, savings accounts, credit cards and pensions. We spent several thousand on our honeymoon. We’re not looking at the figures properly, as it’s a once in a lifetime thing, but it was probably £4-5k all in, travelling around the far east for three weeks.

During that time I saved £400 in my 5% interest Santander saver and for the first time since February this year my credit card debt is under £3000.


Goal achieved:  Clear out and sell/ dump items from the storage unit

Goal achieved: Sell five more items

I’ve cleared my storage lock-up garage. In the process we sold several pieces of spare furniture, with a couple more to sell along with a whole host of stored car parts. I’m trying to get better with this, as I have a tendency to snaffle rare or good quality parts when I see them, ‘just in case’. I took a full estate-car load to the dump too. By giving up the storage unit I’ve reduced £120 of monthly motoring outgoings. So we continue – Sell five more childhood toys. Sell five more car parts.

Goal achieved:  Establish weekly and monthly joint grocery account expenses

I’m going to cover this in the next quarterly update, as more data is better. I think I’ll take an average across the whole year and look at how I can restructure our diet and shopping to get a better budget.

Goal failed:  Service the red car

I harpooned myself here. I bought the parts to do the work (£50-odd quid), and then promptly filled my garage up with crap decanted from my storage. Bah.

Problem is this continues a theme. I love working on my cars, but rarely get the time any more, especially with continued house renovations and now the garden. My garage is full of sofas, lawnmowers and boxes of books, so it looks unlikely I’ll be able to wheel either car in there for tinkering any time soon. I’ve not actually been able to work on a car for at least a year, and this not only makes me sad but it also isn’t good for the cars. Nothing knackers a motor like a long period of inactivity.

Last month I spent a long weekend away with old friends for a stag do. Two of them are doing quite well for themselves and run brand new high-end German sports cars. They both spend a lot on these cars, but as they use them daily it’s an expense they’re happy to pay for the ‘smiles per miles’. Another bloody phrase I hate. It made me question my habits. I’m not about to abandon my bangernomics tendencies, but my current cars aren’t exactly costing pennies. I think I’ve spent £1150 on work on the red car this year alone, to only turn 250 miles in that time. I’m tempted to cut my losses and buy something either a bit worse to hack over the winter, or save up and buy an appreciating classic. Watch this space. In the interim I’m going to spend this month looking over my previous motoring spending and setting a realistic monthly budget/ savings target for my cars, to gradually build up their own replacement/ repair/ improve/ invest fund.

Goal failed: Finish reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing

Read fiction whilst away. Will finish it this month.


  • Daily living and entertainment – £0 from my account, but technically a lot more from the joint.
  • Transport – budget £300, spent £233.69, last month £217.23. Keep reducing this.
  • Holiday – a lot.
  • Personal – £50/ £20.64/ £90
  • Loans/ Credit – £200/ £571.77/ £425. Paying any new additions plus £250 off my credit card every month now.
  • Misc – £50/ £16.40/ £47.97. Took some cash out for the pub.

In the garden:

The early frost while we were away last month killed off much of our late crop. We managed to save some late potatoes which are now in the greenhouse, along with a host of salad crops. I’ve dug over the ground and I’m making plans for new beds.

Goals for next month:

  • Sell five more childhood toys. Sell five more car parts.
  • Set a realistic monthly savings target for motoring
  • Establish weekly and monthly joint grocery account expenses
  • Finish reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing

What’s in the pipeline:

  • Property Renovation Lessons Part II
  • Investment Strategy Statement – Part 3 – Asset Allocation
  • Investment Strategy Statement – Part 4 – Funds, Accounts & Rebalancing
  • FIRE for your Mental Health
  • Plus the usual Full English Accompaniments and other drivel…

Happy December everyone,

The Shrink


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