The Financial Dashboard – September 2018

The goals for September were:

  • Do a piece of automotive DIY – Success
  • Establish weekly and monthly joint account grocery expenses – Success
  • Sell five items from my hoard – Success
  • Repair or purchase a new bike – Failure
  • Finish reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing – Failure

Checking the assets and liabilities:

September 2018 Assets

September 2018 Liabilities

These are taken from my Beast Budget spreadsheet. My net worth grew by £1152 (5.58%), my best increase this year. This matches my best savings rate – 22.39% (not including my DB pension). I saved £200 in my 5% interest Santander saver and paid off £1025 of my credit card (although I put a fair bit on due to organising a friends stag do, which will be paid off with the other Stags). We’re still spending heavily from our joint account, this month on our honeymoon (once in a lifetime!). I’m going to have another look at how I calculate my savings rate in the near future, as moving most of our house DDs to the joint account has made the spreadsheet fairly confusing.


Goal achieved: Do a piece of automotive DIY

As mentioned last month I have decided to reduce my automotive spend. This month I gave in my notice on my £120pcm storage unit. Goal number one for next month is therefore: Clear out and sell/ dump items from the storage unit. Minimalism it is not.

I also began work on the red car. It’s had a number of issues which have kept me using it regularly, so I spent a couple of hours one Sunday troubleshooting. Upshot is they’re not simple problems (a couple where I’m way out of my depth), and I’m going to need to spend some cash to fix them. For the time being my new goal is to Service the red car.

Goal achieved: Establish weekly and monthly joint account grocery expenses

Bugger me, the big black hole of my gob doesn’t just radiate crap, it also vacuums it up. I think what has been most surprising here is our shopping pattern. Ensuring all shopping purchases go through our joint account has produced an accurate picture of how much is going out. There is skew as we had two parties this month and spent big to host, but even so our food spending is far more than expected! We appear to have a tendency to do an Aldi/Lidl shop 2-4 times/week, spending between £10 and £30 each time, and then do one big Tesco/ Sainsbury’s shop for toiletries at £100. We also get a veg bag (middle class yo!) for £10.50 a week and a butcher’s box (oo-er missus) for £60 a month. I’m going to continue this to for another couple of weeks to get better data, and then set a budget when we get back from the honeymoon.

Goal achieved: Sell five items from my hoard

A big success here as setting myself a public goal motivated me to offload some tat. I’ve sold £50 worth of teenage toys through eBay, with another six listings still running. I’ve also started taking photos of spare furniture to sell through Gumtree to free up further space. The cash will go into my Starling account as an emergency fund. I want to keep this up, so I’ll continue the goal.

Goal failed: Repair or purchase a new bike

I’m going to park this one (pun intended) and come back to it in a few months, as the shop I want to get one from is only open on for two hours on a Saturday morning (council charity affair) and I’m not going to get a chance to visit it until mid-November.

Goal failed: Finish reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing

Started it, was really enjoying it, left it at the in-laws on the bedside table. Bugger. Off to the library.


  • Daily living and entertainment – see above
  • Transport – budget £300, spent £166.80, last month £279. Much better here
  • Holiday – £100/ /£~800/ £35.22. Lots to come
  • Personal – £50/ £0/ £93.32
  • Loans/ Credit – £200/ £1025/ £500
  • Misc – £50/ £0/ £90

In the garden:

We had the first crops off our new garden this month, and I’ll be keeping a track here so I can come back next year and see how we got on by comparison. I’m quite motivated to do a cost comparison like Jono at Real Men Sow (1). This month we’ve had: radishes, mizuna (a big fat nope from MrsShrink), romaine lettuce and red lettuce. The radishes are slowing down, but the salad leaves continue to thrive in the greenhouse (which needs repairs). The lawn has been resown and is coming through well, and I’ve been earthing up winter potatoes.

Goals for next month:

  • Clear out and sell/ dump items from the storage unit
  • Sell five more items
  • Service the red car
  • Establish weekly and monthly joint grocery account expenses
  • Finish reading Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing

What’s in the pipeline:

  • Frugal Motoring – Should I buy a petrol car?
  • Learning from our property renovation
  • Investment Strategy Statement – Part 2 – Goals
  • Quarterly Returns Q3 2018 – Setting targets
  • Plus the usual Full English Accompaniments and other drivel…

Happy October everyone,

The Shrink



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