The Full English Accompaniment – Just a quicky

What’s piqued my interest this week?

In short, not a lot, as I’ve not had much time to read the news and I’m currently not enjoying the level of misery journalists seem to revel in. Various big changes in our household have kept me occupied which I’ll blog more about in The Financial Dashboard. One of these is my first budgeting attempt, and in preparation I’ve been reading a few different blogs for opinions/ instruction.

What has caught my eye is the continuing IT debacle of the big banks. TSB’s IT woes/ fraud rumbles on and then on Friday VISA had a wobble (1). Barclays are tightening lending criteria, citing Brexit, but are also launching a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ SME fund (2, 3). Between this and the new US tariffs potentially starting a trade war, it looks like things are going to get a lot less predictable (4).

Finally on a lighter note; Which? have announced that quick washes aren’t cheaper after all, as they don’t clean your clothes, so you have to wash them again (5). Quelle surprise.

Have a great weekend,


Side Orders and Comment:

A mixture  of new blogs and new reference sites this week:

And a Happy Birthday to the Frugal Cottage!

What I’m reading:

When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanathi – Useful for a sense of perspective

Enchiridion by Epictetus – Bedside reading for a bad day



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