The Beginning


As my first post, and a first attempt at blogging, I’ll summarise the goals of this page:

  • Document my own financial journey

In the last few months I’ve gradually been indoctrinated into a FIRE way of thinking thanks to multiple blogs (Monevator, Mr Money Mustache, /r/UKPersonalFinance). With a new tax year I aim to take a hard look at my finances, and use this blog page to keep a track of my progression from complete novice investor.

  • Balance the hard FIRE approach with lifestyle and well-being

I’ve found many of the blogs I’ve read take an austere approach to reducing financial spending. This appears to be either by choice (here’s looking at you, or by necessity of limited income; providing self-actualisation and contentment for the former, and allowing the latter to survive. I hope to balance and moderate this to not miss out on the good things. Having FIRE without the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

  • Examine the philosophical basis of financial freedom

Linked into the above, many of the FIRE blogs and pages out there encourage us to take a long hard look at our personal goals, hopes and aims, as well as our finances. To my psychological and philosophically-inclined mind these appear rooted in self-centred philosophical theories. I’ll document my ruminations here, as my own personal Meditations.


The FIRE Shrink